MARRIAG2 7'2m1f Marriage, past guilt, resentment

PASTOR -- (enters, crosses to DC, to audience) We are gathered
here in the presence of God to join this man (points) and this
woman (points) in holy matrimony.

(optional sound cue: one or two bars of "Here comes the bride")

(Bride and groom march from L and R toward DC slowly and in
unison; bride carries two large garbage bags stuffed with
crumpled newspaper over both shoulders)

PASTOR -- And now if the bride and groom will join hands, we
will recite our vows.

(Groom offers both hands, bride shifts both bags to one hand,
offers one hand)

PASTOR -- Excuse me, dear, you need to join BOTH hands as a
symbol of your commitment to each other.

BRIDE -- I'm sorry, but I only have one hand available. Can't we
just proceed using one hand?

PASTOR -- Can't you just let go of that... (points at bags)
whatever it is you're holding on to?

BRIDE -- No.


BRIDE -- No.

PASTOR -- You mean you won't let go?

BRIDE -- No. Now can we get on with it?!

PASTOR -- But you have two bags over your shoulder. What's so
important in the bags that you can't let go of them?

BRIDE -- I'm sorry, I'm not at liberty to discuss it. Can we
just get on with it?!

PASTOR -- Well,... I'm not sure.

BRIDE -- Why not?!

PASTOR -- Well, the holding of hands is symbolic of your
commitment to this new life together. If you won't let go of...
whatever you're holding on to, I'm afraid... well, I would think
that it's logical to question your commitment to this marriage.

BRIDE -- I'm absolutely committed. Now, let's get on with it!

PASTOR -- You've been married before, haven't you?

BRIDE -- Yes. So what?

PASTOR -- You've been married more than once. Am I right?

BRIDE -- Is it in good taste to talk about my previous marriages
during the marriage ceremony?!

PASTOR -- Well, I don't think that I can in good conscience join
the two of you in marriage if I know that one of you lacks

BRIDE -- I told you. I'm committed. Now, let's get on with it!

PASTOR -- What are you carrying that you can't let go of during
your marriage ceremony?

BRIDE -- You're ruining everything! Can't you just forget it and
pretend that it's not there?

PASTOR -- (to Groom) Would YOU like to forget what she's

GROOM -- (shrugs shoulders then shakes head)

BRIDE -- Alright! If you must know, I'll tell you what's in the
bags! In one bag are the sins I've committed against others.

PASTOR -- You mean, you're carrying your guilt?

BRIDE -- You're not going to just let this slide, are you?
You're going to make a big deal of it, aren't you?

PASTOR -- Well, it seems that it's YOU who are making a big deal
out of this.

BRIDE -- It's in the bag. I have it contained. How is that
making a big deal of it?

PASTOR -- You're a Christian. Christians should NEVER carry ANY

BRIDE -- Says you.

PASTOR -- All you have to do is confess your guilt and...

BRIDE -- Oh no you don't!

PASTOR -- Excuse me?

BRIDE -- You want me to air my dirty laundry in front of all
these people and embarrass myself?!

PASTOR -- Well, not necessarily. The Bible tells us to confess
our sins to each other so that we may be healed. You could
confess your sins to ANYBODY, public or private.

BRIDE -- No. I'm sorry. I prefer to carry them with me.

PASTOR -- But why?

BRIDE -- If you confess them, the guilt is gone.

PASTOR -- That's a good thing.

BRIDE -- No it's not!

PASTOR -- I'm confused.

BRIDE -- The only way I can avoid making the mistakes of
previous marriages is to carry the guilt with me.

PASTOR -- Your a very smart person...

BRIDE -- What does SMART have to do with it?!

PASTOR -- Well, a smart person should know that getting rid of
guilt doesn't get rid of the memory of it. You can still take
advantage of your experience without experiencing the constant
guilt all the time.

BRIDE -- I can?

PASTOR -- Sure.

BRIDE -- Oh. Well, in that case....(throws one bag into
audience) Why didn't anybody tell me that before? Let's get on
with it!

PASTOR -- (pauses, clears throat)

BRIDE -- Well?!

PASTOR -- You're still carrying something. (points)

BRIDE -- Oh no you don't! You're not getting rid of this so

PASTOR -- What is it?

BRIDE -- Can't we just....

PASTOR -- What is it?

BRIDE -- Alright, I'll tell you. It's... it's the sins other
people committed against me.

PASTOR -- You mean, you're carrying resentment.

BRIDE -- Well, yes.

PASTOR -- So, you're willing to drop the guilt. But you're not
willing to drop the resentment.

BRIDE -- That's right.

PASTOR -- Why not?

BRIDE -- Do you realize what I would have to do to get rid of my

PASTOR -- Well, since resentment is bitter feelings toward those
who offended you in the past, I suppose the obvious solution
would be for you to forgive them.

BRIDE -- Oh no you don't!

PASTOR -- So, you're refusing to forgive them.

BRIDE -- Of course!

PASTOR -- But why?

BRIDE -- Well, it's only obvious! If I forgive them, they get
away with it! I can't let them get away with it!

PASTOR -- So, instead, you're just going to carry around this
load of resentment for the rest of your life?

BRIDE -- Well, of course!

PASTOR -- Do you realize that if you do that, you couldn't
possibly be 100% committed to your NEW marriage?

BRIDE -- Why not?

PASTOR -- It takes energy to remain committed to your
resentments toward your previous relationships. In order to
remain committed to your resentment you must borrow from your
commitment to your new marriage. Perhaps the reason your
previous marriages failed is because your resentments took too
much energy.

BRIDE -- I'm NOT giving up my resentments! I'm not letting them
get away with it!

PASTOR -- You're a Christian. Why don't you let Jesus take care
of justice.

BRIDE -- He would do that?

PASTOR -- It's his job.

BRIDE -- I don't know. I've been doing a really good job of
holding them all accountable.

PASTOR -- If you don't let go of it, you may as well sign your
divorce papers when you sign your marriage license.

BRIDE -- Well, when you put it like that, I suppose I should let
go of it. (throws bag into audience) There. Now, let's get on
with it!

PASTOR -- Dearly beloved, we are gathered here...

GROOM -- (turns, exits)

BRIDE -- Where are you going?

GROOM -- (stops, turns) I have two bags of my own to let go of.

BRIDE -- (chases) You too?! Oh, honey! I didn't know!

PASTOR -- (clears throat, to audience, exits opposite) You know,
it would be a real shame to waste a perfectly good wedding cake.

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