MASK     4'?m2f More effective witnessing: remove the mask

AMY -- (enters backward, angry, crying, shouting to exit) You
ALWAYS do this! You are so selfish!

LIZ -- (from offstage at opposite exit, knock, knock, knock, 
short delay, enters carrying a measuring cup full of sugar)

AMY --  (shouts to own exit) You're selfish and arrogant. You're
the most selfish person I've ever met and I'm sorry I married
you! (turns, gasps) Oh, no, it's you!

LIZ -- I'm sorry, I thought you yelled at me to come in. (turns)
I'll come back later....

AMY -- ...No. Please. You may as well stay. The cat is out of
the bag. I'm not the perfect little Christian I try to portray 
to non-Christians. This is a really bad witness. I'm sorry you 
had to see this.

LIZ -- (turns) I didn't really see anything. I... (pats cup) I
just brought back the sugar I borrowed. (offers cup) Thanks a

AMY -- (takes cup, tearful) Oh, ah, thank you.

LIZ -- (concerned) Are you okay?

AMY -- I'm fine. I'm just a little embarrassed. For weeks I've
been telling you how great life is with Jesus as your savior.
And here I am shrieking like a fish wife. (wipes tears) I said
some really hurtful things to him. Now, I have to swallow my
pride and apologize to him. (sigh) But I'm sure you don't want
to be burdened with my problems.

LIZ -- Are you really going to do that?

AMY -- Do what?

LIZ -- Apologize.

AMY -- Of course. I'm too competitive. Sometimes, when I'm 
losing the argument, I say things I don't mean so he won't win.
It's so childish. (wipes tear) I always hate myself after I do 
that. I'm sorry you had to see me at my worst.

LIZ -- I think I'm ready now.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I said I think I'm ready now.

AMY -- Ready? Ready for what?

LIZ -- I'm ready to trust Jesus with my future. Like you said.

AMY -- You're kidding!

LIZ -- It's not too late for me, is it?

AMY -- Oh, no! It's not too late! You... You really want to...
(points over shoulder) After what you just saw?

LIZ -- Especially after what I just saw.

AMY -- I'm sorry. I don't understand. How... Why...

LIZ -- Well, you've been talking to me about Jesus for weeks,

AMY -- Right. But...

LIZ -- But,... well frankly I thought that Jesus was just for
calm, cool, goody goodies, like you. I thought that in order to
qualify to be a Christian you had to be... well, PERFECT. But,

AMY -- Are you saying that you changed your mind because
you saw me yelling at my husband?

LIZ -- Well, yes.

AMY -- Boy, just when you think you've got all the answers...

LIZ -- Well, it wasn't actually yelling at your husband that
changed my mind. It was your decision to apologize while you
were still angry. I've never apologized to anyone. Noone in my
family does either. If Jesus gives you the power to swallow your
pride and apologize, even while your still angry, I want some of

AMY -- Isn't that amazing?!

LIZ -- What?

AMY -- Since I became a Christian, I have been working overtime
to develop this calm, cool, perfect looking exterior, so people
wouldn't know what I was really like. I didn't think
non-Christians would think Christianity was very attractive if
they knew that Christians were just like everybody else. But...
but you seem to prefer me WITHOUT the... without the mask.

LIZ -- Well, I'm not to enthralled with people yelling at one
another. I had enough of that in my own family. But I sure like
the way Jesus works when the yelling stops. So, what do you say?
Can you help me make a commitment to Jesus?

AMY -- Isn't that amazing?! You're right, it IS Jesus working in
me, isn't it?

LIZ -- I've never seen anything like it.

AMY -- (starry eyed) Neither have I. (realization) Oh, ah, you
want to make a commitment. (looks to sugar, then to exit)
Listen, let me put this away and...

LIZ -- (backs toward exit) You go ahead and make things right
with your husband first. (point over shoulder) I'll be home all 
day. (exiting) Thanks again for the sugar.

AMY -- (backing toward exit) Oh, ah, sure. (turns, exits) Isn't
that amazing?!
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