OVERVIEW 3'?m2f Discipleship, adversity, plans, roadblocks

AMY -- (enters, carrying Bible, crosses to C, points to edge of
stage) Yes. We can see it from here. Look.

LIZ -- (follows) Are you sure we're supposed to be up here? I
thought the roof of the building was off limits.

AMY -- It's perfectly safe. And we'll get a better view from up 
here. I just heard about it on the radio. Can you see it? 
(points to rear corner of audience)

LIZ -- See what? You mean those blinking lights on the 

AMY -- Yes. That's the accident they were talking about on news

LIZ -- And your point is....

AMY -- (points to floor in front of stage) Now look down here at
Oak Street. What do you see?

LIZ -- It's one big parking lot.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Because that accident clogged up the freeway, and all the
roads leading to the freeway are clogged too.

AMY -- Now, look at that red car down there. Do you think the
driver of that car knows about the accident on the interstate?

LIZ -- Probably not or he probably would have turned right and
taken a back road to avoid the freeway. He'll probably be
sitting there until the tow trucks clear the cars off the

AMY -- Look. The tow trucks have cleared the accident. The 
traffic should start flowing onto the highway in a minute or 

LIZ -- Apparently, the guy in the red car (points down) doesn't 
know that, because he got tired of waiting and turned right. 
Poor slob will take twice as long to get home.

AMY -- Amazing what you can see from this angle, isn't it?

LIZ -- You didn't bring me up here to talk about traffic 
accidents or the view.

AMY -- You're right. I brought you up here to get you thinking
about discipleship.

LIZ -- Discipleship.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And discipleship is connected to traffic accidents...

AMY -- You were complaining that you had prayed about your
course of action as a Christian. You made plans based on Godly
principles and took nothing for granted.

LIZ -- Yes, I said all that... but...

AMY -- But you couldn't understand why God would slam the door
shut after he had obviously blessed your plans so far.

LIZ -- Yes, I suppose that summarizes it. But what does that
have to do with tow trucks and police cars?

AMY -- The Lord does most of his work on earth through people.
And people make mistakes. Some people are not as careful as you
and sometimes.... (points to accident)

LIZ -- Oh, so you think that maybe the Lord hasn't really
slammed the door shut on my ministry. You think maybe I'm just
stuck in traffic and I can't see the wreckage way up ahead.

AMY -- The Lord may have already cleared the wreckage, but, you, 
lacking patience, think you're doing the right thing my taking a 
longer route.

LIZ -- I never thought of it like that. I sure wish I could see 
life from God's point of view.

AMY -- You can. (lifts, offers Bible)

LIZ -- The Bible. Of course! I've been so busy cussing at the 
traffic, that I haven't taken time for the Bible.

AMY -- The guy in that red car has been too busy too.

LIZ -- (takes Bible, exits) Poor fool has no idea what you can
see from on high.

AMY -- (follows) Poor fool.

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