PAINPILL 6'?m3f Salvation, religion vs saving faith

LIZ -- (enters staggering, wheezing, bends, coughs painfully,
rests elbows on knees)

SUE -- (follows after short delay) Are you alright?!

LIZ -- (nods, reaches into pocket, whispers) Can you open this
for me? (offers pill bottle)

SUE -- (takes, opens bottle) Oh, sure. How many?

LIZ -- (wheezes, holds up one finger)

SUE -- (offers pill) Can I get you to a hospital?

LIZ -- (takes, swallows pill, shakes head, hoarsely) No. I'll be
fine now. (gasps, stands erect)

SUE -- (reads pill label) Are you sure?

LIZ -- I'm fine, now, really.

SUE -- I know a little bit about medicine and (points to bottle)
these are just pain pills.

LIZ -- I know. They make me feel better.

SUE -- But pain pills don't do anything to cure your disease.
You need a cure for your disease. Let me take you to a hospital.

LIZ -- (resists) No. I feel much better now.

SUE -- That's my point. (offers pills) These pills just give you
symtomatic relief. They don't do anything to cure your disease.
You need real medical treatment. Are you sure....

LIZ -- (holds up a hand) I hate hospitals. I hate needles. I
hate the prospect of surgery. (takes, pockets pills) My trusty
pills do what I want them to do.

SUE -- But....

LIZ -- (continues crossing) I'll be fine, really!

SUE -- (follows) Listen, I hate to be the purveyor of bad news.
But I think you're in a state of denial. If you don't get REAL
treatment, you could die.

LIZ -- I'll take my chances. (exits wheezing and coughing)

SUE -- (turns) Oh, suit yourself.

AMY -- (enters) You weren't able to do anything for her, were

SUE -- Excuse me?

AMY -- That woman. She's in a state of denial.

SUE -- You know her?

AMY -- We work together.

SUE -- Well, maybe YOU can talk her into getting real treatment.

AMY -- I would if she was really sick.

SUE -- Of course she's really sick. Didn't you hear her wheezing
and coughing?

AMY -- That was just for YOUR benefit.

SUE -- MY benefit?!

AMY -- Yes. That pill you gave her wasn't medicine.

SUE -- I know. It was a pain killer. It won't do her any good.

AMY -- No. I mean it wasn't even a pain killer. The pill you
gave her was a breath mint.

SUE -- Wait a minute. (looks both ways) What's going on here?!
Is this some kind of scam?

AMY -- Call it a demonstration.

SUE -- A demonstration.

AMY -- Yes.

SUE -- A demonstration of what?

AMY -- Your state of denial.

SUE -- MY state of denial?!

AMY -- YOU have a fatal disease. But you're treating it with
pain killers.

SUE -- You're not making any sense. I don't take any pain

AMY -- You have a bookcase full of self-help books.

SUE -- (backs away) Now you're starting to scare me. How do you
know about my self-help books?

AMY -- AND you've been to a half dozen different churches,
synagogues, temples and ashrams in the past six months.

SUE -- Have you been stalking me?!

AMY -- We don't need to stalk you. We already know everything
about you.

SUE -- Who are you people?!

AMY -- Don't get all bent out of shape. You're not in any
danger. The boss just wanted to set you straight.

SUE -- The boss?

AMY -- (points up) The boss.

SUE -- You're kidding!

AMY -- He's right. You ARE in a state of denial.

SUE -- So, let me get this right. You and your friend there,
(points) you were sent here to...

AMY -- Call it a confrontation.

SUE -- To confront me about my ALLEGED denial.

AMY -- DenialS.

SUE -- DenialS.

AMY -- You've got a fatal disease. But your self-help books give
the wrong diagnosis. They say your problem is not disease but a
lack of knowledge, or a lack of insight, or a lack of overview
of resources or a lac...

SUE -- Yes. Yes. I know what my self-help books say.

AMY -- Then, there's your religious leaders. They deny your
disease too. They think your problem is your lack of
self-esteem, or your lack of positive mental attitude or your
lack of faith, or your lac...

SUE -- But I don't have a fatal disease! I feel fine!

AMY -- Denial. Like the boss said.

SUE -- How could I have a fatal disease if I feel fine?!

AMY -- If you feel FINE, why do you need a bookcase full of
self-help books and an address book full of churches?

SUE -- Alright, maybe I don't feel FINE, but I don't have a
fatal disease!

AMY -- Denial. Like the boss said.

SUE -- What fatal disease does this boss of your say I have?!

AMY -- Sin.

SUE -- Sin.

AMY -- You were created to live in a healthy relationship with
God, but sin keeps you from a healthy relationship. You're dying
and you're taking pain pills instead of real medicine that could
cure the disease.

SUE -- I think I know what REAL medicine you're talking about.

AMY -- Well, I would hope so. You've been to enough different

SUE -- I tried the real medicine a couple of times.

AMY -- Not really.

SUE -- What do you know about it?!

AMY -- I know about medical interactions.

SUE -- Medical interactions.

AMY -- When you take two incompatible medications, you kill the
effectiveness of one or both of them.

SUE -- I know what medical interactions are. Are you saying that
I have to give up my pain killers when I take the real

AMY -- Bingo! Because of medical interactions, if you took the
REAL medicine with any other medication, you get the same
results as if you didn't take it at all.

SUE -- Oh. (pauses) If your boss knows everything, he knows what
I'm going to ask next, doesn't he?

AMY -- Yes. But he wants you to confess it.

SUE -- (sighs) Alright. I admit I have a fatal disease and I
need real treatment for my disease, not a pain killer.

AMY -- And?

SUE -- (sighs) This is the tough one. (sighs) I've become
addicted to the pain killers. I'm going to need help kicking the

AMY -- Bravo! That confession put you on the road to good
health! (points offstage, exits with Sue) Come. Let's get you

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