READY    3'?m1f Monologue: family, relationships, priorities

AMY -- (enters crosses briskly to DC) Listen, I'm sorry to 
interrupt, but... well something... unusual happened to me on 
the way here. You're probably not going to believe it. You're 
probably going to think I'm a fruitcake or something, but... 
well here goes...

I was riding in my car on the way here when, all of a sudden, a 
man appeared in the seat next to me. Well, he looked like a man, 
but he was no mere man. I mean, what kind of man appears out of 

He said, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's time". 

(backs away, gasps) I knew exactly what he meant. 

(reliving the experience) I said, "I can't go. Not yet."

He said, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's time". 

"No! I'm not ready!"

(deep breath, steps toward audience) You know how in the movies 
when someone is about to die, they show his life passing in 
front of him? It didn't happen like that. Not for me. What 
passed before MY eyes was just a handful of things, things I 
left undone.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking the reason she's 
not ready to die is because she's not a Christian. But I AM a 
Christian. I put my trust in Jesus. I know I'm going to Heaven. 
But I still had some unfinished business to deal with, my mother 
for one. She and I, we had an argument a couple of days ago. So 
I told the angel, I said (relives the conversation with the 
angel) "I can't go until I make things right with my Mom!"

He said, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's time". 

"And my Dad. I haven't told him I love him for two or three 

He said, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's time". 

"What about Jennifer? I borrowed some money from her. I've been 
avoiding her. I've got the money. You can't take me away before 
I pay her back!"

He said, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's time". 

"Will you stop with the 'It's time', already?!" Ooo! He was 
completely unreasonable!

(relaxes) Then it dawned on me. We Christians are supposed to 
live life as if there is no tomorrow. I had no right to put off 
these important things. Do you know why I let all these things 
slide? Because they were out of my comfort zone. 

I figured it would be easier to apologize to Mom if I let things 
cool down for a while. And Daddy knows I love him. I don't have 
to go out of my way to tell him so. And do you know why I didn't 
pay back that money to Jennifer? The ATM machine was a little 
out of my way. The same is true for the video movie I borrowed 
from my brother and for that ministry I was going to get 
involved in at church. "I'll get around to it... some day."

Then the angel said again, (imitating slow, low voice) "It's 
time". (sigh) It's time. And I'm not ready to go. 

So, I asked him. I said, "If you won't let me tie up MY loose 
ends, at least let me warn the others." (points to audience, 
turns her back to exit) So, here I am.

(looks over shoulder at exit, shouts) I know. "It's time."

(backing to exit) Listen, I've got to go. But take it from 
someone who knows, don't put off the things you'll regret when 
it's your time to go. Get out of your comfort zone and do it 

"It's time."

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