REJECT   4'?m3f Rejection: causes and affects

(GOOD and EVIL speak all their lines to each other, except as 
noted. ANNE speaks her lines toward audience)

EVIL -- (sly, oily, enters gloating) What'd I tell you?! I told 
you she didn't have what it took to do the job. (crosses, stands 
behind and left of chair DC)

GOOD -- (straight laced, sincere, enters, follows) It was your 
fault. You planted doubts in her head. (crosses, stands behind 
and right of chair DC)

EVIL -- (fake sincerity) Jeepers. And she was doing so well too. 

ANNE -- (tired, sad, enters, follows, slumps into chair DC, 
sighs, buries face in hands)

GOOD -- Look, she's completely dejected. Why can't you just 
leave her alone?

EVIL -- It's my job. I'm a demon. Demons are supposed to mess 
things up, remember?

GOOD -- She was doing just fine until YOU came along. Now, look 
at her. 

ANNE -- (straightens) I was doing so well. How could she have 
rejected me? (growls, buries face in hands)

GOOD -- How do you sleep at night?

EVIL -- I don't sleep. I a demon, remember? (laughs) Heh, heh, 
she's really a basket case. (laughs)

GOOD -- (to ANNE) It's okay, Anne, you did the best you could. 
You shared the gospel with Amy and she just chose not to accept 

ANNE -- I guess I did the best I could.

EVIL -- (to ANNE) Don't kid yourself, Betty, you're a loser.

GOOD -- Her name is Anne.

EVIL -- They're all Betty to me. She had Amy in the palm of her 
hand and Amy rejected her. (to ANNE) You're a loser, Betty.

ANNE -- (straightens) I had her right in the palm of my hand. 
How could she reject me? I am such a loser. (buries face in 

EVIL -- See, what did I tell you? Even she admits it.

GOOD -- You planted that thought in her mind.

EVIL -- (feigned remorse) I did? Oh, I'm so sorry. (laughs, to 
ANNE) Hey, loser, why don't find another ministry. You're lousy 
at evangelism.

ANNE -- (straightens) Maybe I should give up trying to tell 
people about the Lord.

EVIL -- (feigned surprise) Oh! What a GOOD idea! (laughs)

GOOD -- (to ANNE) Listen, Anne, even Billy Graham couldn't 
convert everybody. 

ANNE -- Oh, well, I guess even Billy Graham couldn't convert 
them all.

EVIL -- Yes, but Billy Graham knows his Bible. (to ANNE) How 
well do you know your Bible, you reject?

ANNE -- That was my downfall. She asked me a question about the 
Bible and I froze. I didn't even know where to look. Maybe I 
should wait to share my faith until I know my Bible better.

EVIL -- (feigned surprise) Oh! What a GOOD idea! (laughs)

GOOD -- (to ANNE) The Pharisees had the Bible completely 
memorized but they still rejected Jesus.

ANNE -- What am I saying?! There is nowhere in the Bible that 
says I have to be an expert on the Bible in order to share my 
faith. I only have to be ready to give a reason for the hope 
that I have.

EVIL -- Oh, by the away, Billy Graham has been a Christian for 
60 years. (to ANNE) How long have you been a Christian, Betty? 
Three measly months? Who's going to listen to a thing you 
have to say?

ANNE -- On the other hand, maybe I should wait until I'm a 
mature Christian before I step out and share my faith.

EVIL -- (feigned surprise) Oh! What a GOOD idea! (laughs)

GOOD -- (to ANNE) Anne, are you forgetting how exhilarating it 
is to do the Lord's work?

ANNE -- On the other hand, (smiles) I have never been so happy 
as when I led my friend Nancy to the Lord.

EVIL -- (to ANNE) And you were never so miserable as when Amy 
rejected you. Loser.

ANNE -- On the other hand, I really hate being rejected.

GOOD -- (to ANNE) Anne, try not to take this as a PERSONAL 
rejection. This was not about you. This was all about Amy and 
the Lord.

ANNE -- What's the matter with me? Amy didn't say no to me. She 
said no to Jesus.

GOOD -- Let's look at WHY she said no to Jesus.

ANNE -- There's got to be a lesson here. Where did I go wrong 
with Amy? What do I do right with Nancy?

EVIL -- You can analyze it all you want to, Betty. But it all 
boils down to two things: (right into Anne's ear) She REJECTED 
you and now you're a FAILURE!

ANNE -- Aw, what's the use! (hangs head)

GOOD -- Will you stop the name-calling?

EVIL -- (ponders, tilts head) No. (laughs)

GOOD -- (to ANNE) Anne, could it be you were trying to do the 
Lord's work without the Lord?

ANNE -- (snaps fingers) Prayer! That's it, prayer!

EVIL -- (to GOOD) Oh, that was really dirty.

ANNE -- How could I possibly have thought I could win Amy to the 
Lord without the Lord's help?

EVIL -- That was really dirty. How can I compete with prayer?

GOOD -- (ponders, tilts head) You can't. (imitates EVIL's laugh)

ANNE -- (smiles) Prayer! (kneels, prays)

EVIL -- (points to GOOD) What a dirty, low-down thing to do. I 
had her! She was mine!

GOOD -- (pushes EVIL to exit) Now, she's mine.

EVIL -- (backs to exit, speaks around GOOD to Anne) You're a 
reject, Betty. Nobody likes you. You don't have any friends. You 
have bad breath and B.O.. You're ugly and your mother dresses 
you funny. (both exit)

ANNE -- (stands, straightens) Thanks, Lord. (looks offstage, 
waves shouts, exiting) Oh, Amy! I just thought of something I'd 
like to share with you!

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