RELIGION 4'?m2f Evil in the name of religion

LIZ -- (enters talking on cell phone) Yes, I'm on my way. I'll
be there in a couple of minutes. (pockets cell phone)

AMY -- (follows) Elizabeth! You're just the person I wanted to

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Oh, hi, Amy. I didn't think you were still
talking to me after that verbal beating I gave you last night.

AMY -- Well, I didn't take it personally. You were pretty upset.

LIZ -- Listen, I'm in a bit of a hurry. I just sent my
construction crew over to the old fire station on second avenue 

AMY -- You mean the fire station that was declared a historical

LIZ -- Yes. The city awarded my company the contract to remodel
and restore it. I was on my way over there to supervise the 

AMY -- I'm afraid you're a little late.

LIZ -- Late? Late for what?

AMY -- You haven't heard?

LIZ -- Heard? Heard what? Is something wrong?

AMY -- Well, instead of remodeling the place, your construction
crew decided to demolish it.

LIZ -- That's impossible! I gave them written instructions and
blueprints to remodel and refurbish that building!

AMY -- Well, apparently, they had other ideas. The fire station
is now a pile of bricks and rubble. The city is going to jail
YOU for destroying a historical landmark.

LIZ -- They can't do that! I had nothing to do with demolishing
that building! I gave my crew clear instructions to the
contrary. There is no way anyone can hold me personally
responsible for that mess!

AMY -- Well, then, how did the cops know that you were in

LIZ -- Well, I suppose that my crew told them. But they can't
blame me!

AMY -- It was your company doing the damage.

LIZ -- That's what I'm trying to tell you! It was not my company
doing the damage! It was just a bunch of jerks who decided to
defy my clear instructions and do it in my name!

AMY -- (smiles)

LIZ -- What are you smiling about?

AMY -- There was no demolition.

LIZ -- There wasn't?!

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Then, why did you.... Oh! This is not about a
construction crew going bonkers. This is about our discussion on

AMY -- I hope this gives you a little perspective.

LIZ -- Boy! You really had me going there!

AMY -- I'm sorry to get you all worked up, but I think the
situations are very similar.

LIZ -- So, what you're saying is that just because terrorists or
dictators CLAIM to be doing their damage in the name of God
doesn't mean that God is responsible.

AMY -- That's what I tried to tell you last night while you were
giving me a tongue-lashing.

LIZ -- Well, I'm still not so sure. You see, I gave my
construction crew clear instructions and blue prints.

AMY -- So did God. He gave Christians clear and repeated
instructions on Christian living.

LIZ -- So, what you're saying is that these clear and repeated
instructions couldn't possibly be misinterpreted?

AMY -- The Bible preaches love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I don't see
how anyone could interpret these instructions as permission to
mistreat people. Can you?

LIZ -- I suppose not. Listen, I'm sorry for the tongue lashing.

AMY -- I didn't take it personally.

LIZ -- Maybe "I" should take it personally. I've always blamed
Christians for all the evil in the world. But maybe I should
just blame the few jerks who misuse the company name. (looks at
watch) Oh, speaking of misusing the company name, I'd better run
over to the fire station and make sure they're not tearing the
place down. (exits)

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