REST     6'1m1f Burnout, rest, hope, priorities, quiet time

(scene: a couch or three chairs facing audience)

AMY -- (enters, crosses to chairs, looks at watch, looks to 
opposite exit, paces, looks at watch, sits, picks up TV remote 
control, points it at imaginary TV on back wall of audience, 
pushes button, watches TV intently)

BOB -- (enters opposite, tired, carrying briefcase, crosses to 

AMY -- Hi, hun. The movie already started. I'll reheat your 
dinner during the commercial.

BOB -- (reenters without jacket, carrying teddy bear clutched to 
chest, bewildered, crosses to chairs, sits, stares off into 

AMY -- (glances) What are you doing with Timmy's teddy bear?

BOB -- I don't want to be an adult anymore. It's too hard.

AMY -- (glued to TV) Huh?

BOB -- Nothing.

AMY -- (glances, points to TV) In the opening scene, the girl in 
the red dress... (examines Bob's face) Oh, oh, what's wrong?

BOB -- (begins answering several times, nothing comes out, hugs 
teddy bear)

AMY -- (presses remote control to turn TV off) You're doing it 
again, aren't you?

BOB -- Doing what?

AMY -- That thing you do, playing savior to the world.

BOB -- It's not my fault. Everybody is so demanding. I don't 
want to do this anymore. I want to go back to being a kid. 
(holds teddy bear to cheek, sucks thumb)

AMY -- You ARE doing it again.

BOB -- What am I doing again?

AMY -- You keep forgetting that you need rest.

BOB -- (lays head in Amy's lap) You're right. I do.

AMY -- I'm not just talking about now. Of course you need rest 
after you're burned out. But you should have been smart enough 
to SCHEDULE the rest you need in order to prevent burnout.

BOB -- I get eight hours of sleep a night.... usually.... 

AMY -- I'm not just talking about sleep. You're a Christian, you 
should know about the other two kinds of rest.

BOB -- Remind me.

AMY -- Well, God made you with three parts: body, soul and 
spirit. When you sleep, you rest your body, but the other two 
parts of you don't get recharged from that.

BOB -- What do you mean?

AMY -- You also have a mental part and a spiritual part. Those 
parts need to be recharged too. That means scheduling time for 
them regularly, just like you do for sleeping.

BOB -- I don't have time in my schedule for ONE more thing, let 
alone two.

AMY -- If you're too busy to schedule mental and spiritual rest, 
you're too busy! Do you like being burned out?

BOB -- No. I hate it. I'm so tired my bones ache. Alright, I'll 
start scheduling mental and spiritual rest. But I have no idea 
what that means. Tell me.

AMY -- The mental rest is easy. That's just spending time 
enjoying your loved ones. For you, what that means is coming 
home at night before your son goes to bed.

BOB -- Listen, I'm sorry about tonight. People make demands....

AMY -- I don't see any hand cuffs. Nobody is forcing you into 
slave labor. All you have to do to get some mental rest is to 
say NO sometimes.

BOB -- But people hate that word. And I hate telling people NO.

AMY -- Let me put it to you as delicately as I can. When you say 
YES to them, BY DEFAULT you say NO to restful things like dinner 
with your family.

BOB -- Oh. You're right. I'm sorry. I never thought about it 
like that. Now that I think about it, I guess mental rest for me 
is mental rest for the family too, huh?

AMY -- Bingo.

BOB -- Alright, I'm convinced. I promise I won't short-change 
the family anymore.

AMY -- Bless you.

BOB -- Speaking of blessing me. I have no idea of what spiritual 
rest is either.

AMY -- Do you remember what Jesus did after he fed the 5000?

BOB -- No.

AMY -- Why?

BOB -- Why?

AMY -- Yes, why don't you know what Jesus did after he fed the 

BOB -- Oh, I get it. You're saying that if I read my Bible 
regularly I would know what Jesus did after feeding the 5000.

AMY -- Yes, that's part of it. After feeding the 5000, Jesus got 
away alone to recharge his batteries, to spend time with the 

BOB -- Oh, well, for me that's reading the Bible.

AMY -- The point I'm trying to make is that spiritual rest is 
not just reading the Bible regularly, it's getting recharged by 
the Lord.

BOB -- I didn't get recharged from reading the Bible every day. 
For me it was just another quota in a day full of quotas. That's 
why I quit.

AMY -- You were probably biting off more than you could chew.

BOB -- What do you mean?

AMY -- How much were you reading every day?

BOB -- A whole chapter.

AMY -- There's nothing that says you have to read a whole 
chapter of the Bible every day. If a chapter is too much, you 
should read only a verse or two verses a day and let them soak 
in until you start to get inspired by the words of the Lord.

BOB -- I could do that.

AMY -- The purpose for MY quiet time is to increase my HOPE. 
Isaiah says "But those who HOPE in the Lord will renew their 
strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and 
not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint."

BOB -- I wish I could soar like an eagle. But I can't even get 
off the ground.

AMY -- Of course not. You haven't had any hope in the Lord.

BOB -- Tomorrow looks like just another day where people will 
stand in line to beat me up. Do you really get hope like that 
from the Bible?

AMY -- Yeah, yeah I really do. Jesus said, "Come to me, all you 
heavy laden and I will give you rest."

BOB -- I like that.... But I... (yawns) I'm too tired to read 
the Bible right now.

AMY -- You're right. Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can 
do is get a good night's rest. You go to bed now. I'll wake you 
at 6:30 for a short Bible study.

BOB -- Six thirty! I never get up that early!

AMY -- That's because you stay up too late at night. Your first 
lesson in rest is that you have to give up some things you want 
in order to get the things you need.

BOB -- (sits up) Alright. (stands) I'll see you in the morning. 
(backing toward bedroom) Can you come tuck me in, Mommy?

AMY -- (follows) You are such a baby when you haven't had enough 

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