REWARDS2 5'?m3f Works, rewards in Heaven, prayer

LIZ -- (enters backward, excited) Oh, wow! Did you see how fast
that freight train was coming?!

AMY -- (follows) You chose a rather bad moment to stalled your
car on the railroad tracks.

LIZ -- You know, for a second there, I was sure we wouldn't have
time to get out on time. Come to think of it, I don't even
remember getting out of the car.

AMY -- (looks around) Actually, I'm not sure we did.

LIZ -- Well, of course we did! We're still alive aren't we?!

AMY -- (looks around) Are we?

LIZ -- (looks to exit) Hey, where's my car? Where did the train
go?! (gasps) Oh, no! You don't suppose... You don't suppose

AMY -- I think we did.

ANGEL -- (enters opposite) Welcome to Heaven, newcomers!

LIZ -- Heaven?!

AMY -- I thought so.

ANGEL -- (excited) You are going to love it here! There are so
many fun things to do here! (removes file folder from podium)
Well, let's get you started. First, we'll see about what
accommodations the Lord has in store for you.

LIZ -- Accommodations?

ANGEL -- Yes. Do you remember the Lord said "I will go an
prepare a place for you?"

AMY -- You mean, like a house?

ANGEL -- Yes, both your house and your work assignments here in
Heaven are based on your works on earth. Those with more works
will live closer to the Lord and will work more closely with

LIZ -- Oh, this is exciting!

AMY -- Liz and I are such good friends. I hope we can be

ANGEL -- It really doesn't matter. You'll have plenty of leisure
time to spend together. (reads) Elizabeth?

LIZ -- That's me. (looks over Angel's shoulder)

ANGEL -- Your file says you headed several church committees.

LIZ -- Yes. Does it say anything about the Bible studies I've

ANGEL -- Yes. And it says that you gave quite a lot of money to
your local church.

LIZ -- Yes. I did.

ANGEL -- Well, according to our guidelines, your works on earth
entitle you to a residence in Zone "A".

LIZ -- Zone "A". What zone is Amy in?

AMY -- Yes, will we be neighbors?

ANGEL -- (removes phone-book-size file folder from podium)

LIZ -- Wow! Is all that for Amy?

AMY -- It can't be. I never lead any Bible studies and I never
headed any church committees.

ANGEL -- Nonetheless, (turning pages) your works on earth were
VERY impressive!

LIZ & AMY -- They were?

ANGEL -- Yes. Your file lists over twelve hundred post cards and

LIZ -- Post cards and letters? To whom?

ANGEL -- It says they were addressed to Amy's grandparents and a
relative whose illnesses made her a shut-in.

AMY -- I heard on the radio that old people like to get mail.
So, I sent them a lot of mail.

LIZ -- I didn't even know you were writing to them at all.

AMY -- It was no big deal.

ANGEL -- The Lord thinks it was. He also likes the 9300 prayer
requests you sent.

LIZ -- You mean, the Lord LIKES it when you ask him for stuff?

AMY -- It wasn't all for me.

ANGEL -- As a matter of fact, the Lord LOVES it when you ask him
for "stuff". You were created for the purpose of relying on the

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- It wasn't all for me.

ANGEL -- No, she's right. Approximately 8900 of the 9300 prayer
requests were for the needs of others, including 2100 requests
for her best friend Elizabeth.

LIZ -- I didn't know you were praying for me!

AMY -- Almost every day.

ANGEL -- We also have approximately 4700 prayers of praise and

AMY -- Well, that was easy. I just had to acknowledge what the
Lord had done for me and those I prayed for.

LIZ -- I had no idea!

ANGEL -- Actually, that's why the Lord has assigned Amy to Zone

LIZ -- But I'm in Zone "A".

AMY -- I wanted to be neighbors.

ANGEL -- The Lord wanted Amy to be close, so they could work
closer together.

LIZ -- You mean, Zone "F" is CLOSER than Zone "A"?

ANGEL -- Yes.

LIZ -- That doesn't seem right!

ANGEL -- Things in Heaven don't have the same priority as things
on earth.

LIZ -- Boy, I'll say! Everybody on earth wants an "A".

AMY -- I wanted us to be neighbors. Why doesn't Liz get more
credit for leading Bible studies and church committees?

ANGEL -- According to our records, those high profile activities
were rewarded on earth by the praises of men.

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- But I just did little things.

ANGEL -- As I said, the priorities in Heaven are different. The
Lord rewards the little things you did on earth, especially
those nobody knew about and those you asked His help for. 
(exiting) Come. Let's get you settled and then you can meet the 
Lord face to face.

LIZ -- (follows) If I had only known.

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