SEEDLING 4'?m2f Ministry, relying on God, works, backsliding

AMY -- (enters wearing green bib apron, carrying potted plant or
tray of small plants) I'll see you later.

LIZ -- (follows carrying large clay pot containing small
seedling) Wait a minute. You had me come all the way over here
just to plant this seedling?!

AMY -- (stops, turns) Yes.

LIZ -- I thought you asked me here to discuss my ministry.

AMY -- We just did.

LIZ -- (raises pot) THIS is the way you discuss ministry?

AMY -- You'll get the message sooner or later.

LIZ -- Well, I hope. I sure don't get the message now. Isn't
there something you want me to do with this?

AMY -- I suggest you give it a name. You should call it

LIZ -- That's MY name.

AMY -- Yes, I think it's appropriate.

LIZ -- Is that supposed to be some kind of a slam? Are you
saying I'm as dumb as a potted plant?!

AMY -- Not at all. This is an object lesson.

LIZ -- An object lesson.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Shouldn't I at least DO SOMETHING with this object?

AMY -- What is there to do?

LIZ -- Well, for one thing, you had me plant this seedling, but
you didn't have me water it. Shouldn't I at least water it?

AMY -- Do you feel an obligation to water it?

LIZ -- Well, if I don't water it, it will wither and die.

AMY -- (turns, continues crossing) What would be wrong with

LIZ -- (follows) You don't REALLY expect me to let this plant
whither and die, do you?

AMY -- (stops, turns) Actually, knowing you as I do, I would
think that you already feel some sort of obligation to that

LIZ -- (studies seedling) Yes. I... I suppose I do. I guess I 
would take it as a personal defeat if I let this plant die, now 
that it belongs to me. So....?

AMY -- So, it's just a silly little seedling that you have
selected from among many other little seedlings and given new
life and individuality to. Yet, you seem to feel some sort of
obligation to it. Yes, I think Elizabeth is a good name for it.
(turns, continues crossing)

LIZ -- (examines seedling briefly) Elizabeth. (follows) Wait a
minute! This is not about ministry at all! This is about my
relationship with God.

AMY -- (stops, turns) Bingo.

LIZ -- (examines seedling) You're saying that God selected me
from among many other seedlings and gave me new life and a new
individuality. My ministry.

AMY -- Sounds good to me.

LIZ -- But you're saying that God has some sense of obligation

AMY -- To what?

LIZ -- To me! God has a sense of obligation to me. But I've been 
acting as if I'm in this ministry alone. God has been nurturing 
me all along and I haven't even acknowledged anything he's done.

AMY -- It's actually, worse than that.

LIZ -- How so?

AMY -- Have you noticed anything unusual about your ministry

LIZ -- Well, I suppose I've had a bit of a downturn lately, but
that will.... What am I saying. I'm withering! God has been
offering me water and I've been acting as if I don't need it! No
wonder people don't want to be around me! It's not God's
ministry anymore, it's MINE! (sighs)

AMY -- (to seedling) Elizabeth! You need water!

LIZ -- Boy, do I! I'm not praying anymore. I'm not reading my
Bible anymore. The only thing that's left is the Christianeze
pious language.

AMY -- So, is Elizabeth thirsty?

LIZ -- Can you help me?

AMY -- Sure, come over to the faucet and you can give Elizabeth
a drink from the hose. (exiting with Liz) Then, we'll open our
Bibles and drink a little living water.

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