SEXUAL   6'?m3f A response to inappropriate sexual relationships

LIZ -- (knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- (shouts from opposite) Come in. It's open.

LIZ -- (enters) Amy? It's me.

AMY -- (enters wiping hands on apron) Oh, hi, Liz. I was just
thinking about you.

LIZ -- Hi. (hugs) Mom says that you're having their anniversary
party here at your house this year.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, that's very unselfish of you.

AMY -- Why, thank you. I thought I'd serve a standing rib roast.

LIZ -- Well, actually, that's why I came by. Mary doesn't eat
meat and...

AMY -- Well, that won't be a problem. I'm not inviting Mary.

LIZ -- You're not?

AMY -- No. It was a difficult decision to make, but...

LIZ -- ...You're inviting Suzy's fiancee, aren't you?

AMY -- Well, yes, but...

LIZ -- But, what?! I love Mary just as much as Suzy loves

AMY -- That's true. But heterosexual relationships are not
condemned in the Bible as an abomination.

LIZ -- Well, Matthew's relationship with Suzy is not exactly...

SUE -- (enters) Did I hear somebody mention my name?

AMY -- Oh, hi, Sis.

LIZ -- Suzy, do you know what Amy is doing?

SUE -- Yeah, Mom just told me that we're going to celebrate
their anniversary here.

LIZ -- Yes, but Amy is not inviting Mary.

SUE -- You're not?

AMY -- No.

SUE -- You're inviting Matthew, aren't you?

AMY -- Yeah, I was just explaining to Liz that...

LIZ -- ...She thinks that my relationship with Mary is inferior
to yours with Matthew!

AMY -- That's not what I said.

LIZ -- You think that just because Mary is a lesbian she's not
worthy to sit at your table?!

AMY -- If being a lesbian was the issue, you wouldn't be invited
either. But you ARE invited.

SUE -- Then, what IS the issue?

AMY -- The issue is the homosexual relationship. If I invited
you as a couple, I would be saying that I approve of your
homosexual relationship. But I don't. So, I can't.

LIZ -- What do you mean you can't?! You mean, you won't! You're
a homophobe!

AMY -- That seems to be the standard reply these days to anyone
who disagrees with a homosexual. But I assure you that I am NOT
a homophobe. Remember that Mary was MY friend before you two got
together. And she's still my friend. In fact, I invited her to
lunch with me next week. Does that sound like the actions of a

LIZ -- This is ridiculous! Mary is my lover for goodness sakes!
You can't just exclude her!

AMY -- It sure beats the alternative.

SUE -- What's the alternative?

AMY -- Excluding Liz. (points)

SUE -- You wouldn't do that!

AMY -- Of course I wouldn't. That's what I'm trying to tell you.
You forced me to choose between my friend and my sister.

LIZ -- Oh, sure, blame the victim.

AMY -- You're not the only victim here.

SUE -- What do you mean?

AMY -- When Mary and Liz decided to become lovers, they knew
they were violating our family's moral values. But they did it 
anyway. That forced Mom and Dad and me to make some very tough 

LIZ -- Oh, now, you're bringing Mom and Dad into it!

AMY -- Did you know that Mom and Dad were going to cancel their
anniversary celebration altogether?

SUE -- They were?

AMY -- Yes. That was the only way they could think of to keep 
the peace and yet stay true to God.

SUE -- That's why you decided to have dinner here instead?

AMY -- Yes. I decided that Mom and Dad should not have to suffer
because of a decision Liz made.

LIZ -- It was YOUR decision to exclude Mary.

AMY -- You've missed my point. By choosing a relationship you
knew that God disapproved of, it was YOU who chose to exclude
the relationship from our family. Surely, you didn't expect us
to give up our devotion to God!

LIZ -- No. But it doesn't seem fair.

AMY -- Fair or not, it was YOUR decision. Now, because of that
decision YOU have to make another decision.

LIZ -- What decision?

AMY -- As I see it, you have three options. You can decide to
come to dinner yourself. Or you can send Mary. Or you can give
up your relationship and you can both come.

LIZ -- (deep breath, exiting) I'll let you know what I decide.

AMY -- (deep breath) I can see why Mom preferred to call the
whole thing off. (deep breath) Oh, well, you and Matthew are
coming to dinner on Sunday aren't you?

SUE -- Actually, after your discussion with Liz, I'm surprised
you're still inviting Matthew to dinner.

AMY -- You mean because you two sleep together without being

SUE -- Yes.

AMY -- Well, unlike Liz and Mary, your choice for a partner
doesn't violate our convictions. It's your behavior behind
closed doors that's objectionable. And I don't have any control
over that.

SUE -- Well, since I've got you in a good mood, I need to ask
you a favor.

AMY -- Sure.

SUE -- We just found out that they're going to fumigate our
whole apartment building over the weekend. I wonder if Matthew
and I could stay in your spare bedroom.

AMY -- ONE of you can stay in the spare bedroom. The other can
sleep on the sofa.

SUE -- Awe, come on! You just said you don't have any control
over what we do behind closed doors.

AMY -- When the doors belong to me I have complete control.

SUE -- It's not like sleeping in separate rooms over a weekend
is going to cause us to give up living together after we leave

AMY -- Nobody is forcing you to stay here. You can sleep in
separate rooms while you're here or you can find another place
to stay.

SUE -- Alright. I guess if it's just for one night... (turns) I 
guess I'll see you Saturday. You really stick to your guns,
don't you?

AMY -- (follows) Let me put it this way. If YOU had stuck to
YOUR guns, we wouldn't even be having this discussion now.

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