SKIPROMO 3'2m0f Ski retreat promo

(Ed and Fred enter from opposite ends of the stage, meet C)

ED ---- Say, Fred, have you heard about the ski retreat?

FRED -- Heard about it? I'm in charge of the chalet events.

ED ---- The chalet events?

FRED -- Yeah, I give lessons to the beginners in the art of 
choosing the best table by the windows overlooking the 
intermediate run, how to select the best marshmallow for their 
hot chocolate, that sort of thing. I also organize the Yatzee 
and Monopoly tournaments.

ED ---- Wait a minute this is advertised as a SKI retreat. Don't 
you ever get outside?

FRED -- Well sure. I also organize the horse back riding.

ED ---- Horse back riding?

FRED -- Yeah, but, last year I had a real scare. I fell off my 
horse, but my foot got caught it the stirrup and the horse just 
kept on galloping.

ED ---- Well, you're obviously still live. How did you survive?

FRED -- The manager of the arcade came over an unplugged it.

ED ---- So, what you're saying is that you're going to go on ski 
retreat, but you're not going to ski?

FRED -- Well, somebody has to organize the Brandon Terwilliger 
(your best skier or the most popular person) pool.

ED ---- The Brandon Terwilliger pool?

FRED -- Yeah, that's why we have get a table by the windows 
overlooking the intermediate run. Each one of us guesses when 
Brandon will trip over a mogul and slide down the rest of the 
run on his nose.

ED ---- Don't you ski at all?

FRED -- Well, no.

ED ---- Why not?

FRED -- I'm afraid of heights, so I can't go up on a chair lift, 
and I get terrible rope burns from the rope lift.

ED ---- Oh, brother.

FRED -- Well, it's not like I don't have plenty to do. Someone 
has to plan the jacuzzi contest.

ED ---- The jacuzzi contest?

FRED -- Yeah. I wanted to combine the jacuzzi contest with the 
Bible study, but Frank (the leader) said that it would make the 
pages of his Bible stick together.

ED ---- So, you have Bible studies at the ski retreat?

FRED -- Oh, sure, and discussion groups. In fact, the Bible 
studies are the reason I go to the ski retreats. Let me tell 
you, once you've read about God's greatness and power amid his 
massive mountains, you'll never be the same. Seriously.

ED ---- Well, maybe I'll sign up for the ski retreat.

FRED -- Well, if you do, I just have one piece of advice for 

ED ---- What's that?

FRED -- If you take your teddy bear along. Don't tell Brandon. 
Otherwise, everybody in the Chalet will make teddy bear jokes 
for the rest of the week(end).

ED ---- Somehow, I don't think that will be a problem....

FRED -- And whatever you do, don't kiss your teddy bear good 
night in front of your roommates. (exits with Ed)

ED ---- I'll bet that's as traumatic as falling off your horse.

FRED -- You have no idea.

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