THOROUGH 5'?m2f Confession, sin, forgiveness, salvation

LIZ -- (enters writing on clipboard, crosses to C, looks at
watch, looks both ways, looks at watch, resumes writing)

AMY -- (enters) Hey, what's going on? Is everything okay? Are
you alright?

LIZ -- (writing) I'm fine. Why do you ask?

AMY -- What do you have to tell me that you need to say it here
at church instead of at home?

LIZ -- It's not that. I just needed more room.

AMY -- More room.

LIZ -- Yes. I invited a lot of people here, more than would fit
in my living room.

AMY -- Are you having a party or running for public office?

LIZ -- Neither. I'm confessing my sins. Let's get started so I
can get you out of the way before the others arrive. (flips
page) First of all, the sea shell necklace you lost?

AMY -- I never had a sea shell necklace.

LIZ -- Sure you did. You bought it on your trip to Hawaii.

AMY -- That was when I was seven years old!

LIZ -- Yes, well, you didn't really lose it. I stole it from
you. (checks item) Then, when we were in Junior High School, do
you remember Brian Henderson?

AMY -- Brian Henderson! I remember him!

LIZ -- You remember you were expecting him to ask you to go to
the sock hop with him?

AMY -- Why are you bringing up all this...

LIZ -- ...the reason Brian didn't ask you to go to the sock hop
with him is because I told him that you really didn't like him.
(checks item)

AMY -- That was back in junior high school! Why are you

LIZ -- Then, when we were Sophomores in High School....

AMY -- Wait a minute! Why are you dredging up all this ancient

LIZ -- Listen. I don't have time for a lot of discussion and I
was hoping to get through this list before the crowd gets here.

AMY -- Are you going to go through this with them?

LIZ -- No. Of course not. They wouldn't be interested in the
sins I committed against you. I'll just confess the sins I
committed against them. (points to clipboard) Now, when we were
sophomores, I cheated off your math test....

AMY -- Wait a minute! What's this all about?!

LIZ -- I thought I explained that. I'm confessing all my sins to
everyone I ever sinned against. Can we get back to the list?

AMY -- One more question.

LIZ -- Alright, but make it quick, I'm on a tight schedule.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Yes, why are you dredging up all these ancient sins?

LIZ -- I thought I covered that. I'm confessing...

AMY -- Yes, but WHY are you confessing?

LIZ -- Well, obviously, I'm confessing my sins so that they will
be forgiven.

AMY -- What if you forgot one?

LIZ -- Forgot one.

AMY -- Yes. What if, in spite of your soul-searching 
thoroughness, you forgot just one sin against just one person?

LIZ -- (gasps) Oh no! Which one? (pages through lists)

AMY -- Well, I...

LIZ -- Did I leave out something?!

AMY -- I'm just asking, what if you did?

LIZ -- (gasps) There's no room in Heaven for even one sin! I'm
doomed! Please, tell me, (pages) which one did I leave out?!

AMY -- It doesn't matter.

LIZ -- What do you mean it doesn't matter?! I could spend
eternity in Hell!

AMY -- Not just YOU. What about others? Are some people 
condemned to Hell merely because they have a bad memory?

LIZ -- Oh, no! That means NOBODY is going to make it! We're all

AMY -- Relax! All your sins have been forgiven.

LIZ -- That's impossible! I've just started confessing them.
I've got sixty pages!

AMY -- What I'm trying to say is that when you made the
commitment to trust Christ for your eternal salvation, ALL your
sins were forgiven.

LIZ -- All of them?!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Even the sins I didn't confess yet?

AMY -- Even the sins you haven't COMMITTED yet.

LIZ -- That can't be right!

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- The Bible commands us to... let's see... "Confess your
sins to each other and pray for each other..."

AMY -- Finish the verse.

LIZ -- Excuse me?

AMY -- I'm asking you to recite the rest of that Bible verse.

LIZ -- I don't remember it.

AMY -- It says "Confess your sins to each other and pray for
each other.... so that you may be healed."

LIZ -- So that you may be healed.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Are you sure it doesn't say so that you may be forgiven?

AMY -- I know for sure that it couldn't possibly say that.

LIZ -- How can you be so sure?

AMY -- Because in several places in the Bible it says that we
are saved and forgiven by the grace of God, not by works of man.
Would you say that confession is one of the works of man?

LIZ -- Oh. Yeah. (crosses toward exit)

AMY -- Where are you going?

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Home. You just saved me a lot of work.

AMY -- Wait a minute! (follows) What about all the people you
asked to meet you here?

LIZ -- (stops, turns) Tell them... tell them that my sins are
forgiven by God's grace and not by making these silly lists.

AMY -- You want ME to tell them?! (follows) Wait a minute! You
can't just leave me here! I don't even know some of those

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