WITNESS  4'?m2f Witnessing with gentleness and respect

LIZ -- (enters looking around, whispers) Amy? Amy?

AMY -- (follows carrying a large pile of books) You don't have
to whisper. Everybody else went home.

LIZ -- Well, I'll be.... When they said you went to the library,
I thought they were kidding. What on earth are you doing in the
Library?! You NEVER come to the Library!

AMY -- Take this top book before it falls off, will you?

LIZ -- (takes book off pile) Well?!

AMY -- (crosses to podium or library table) I came to the
library because I couldn't find the answer I was looking for on
the internet. (pages through books)

LIZ -- What answer?

AMY -- I don't have time to explain. The Library closes in five 

LIZ -- (opens book) Then, I'll help you look. What are you
looking for? (pages)

AMY -- Did you hear the conversation I had with Stephanie at
dinner tonight?

LIZ -- You mean the slice and dice?

AMY -- It was terrible. But you make it sound even worse!

LIZ -- Terrible?! You came across like an expert! You cut her 
off at the knees! She was completely out-gunned! You demolished 
every argument she threw at you! Surely you can't be looking for 
more ammunition to use against her!

AMY -- On the contrary. I'm trying to find a way to admit that
I'm wrong.

LIZ -- You've got to be kidding!

AMY -- No. But if you can't find an argument against my side, at 
least find an argument that casts some doubt.

LIZ -- Oh, I get it! You're trying to snatch defeat from the 
jaws of victory!

AMY -- Don't make light of it. I'm deadly serious. (pulls 
another book from the pile, pages)

LIZ -- Why would you want to find fault with your own argument?!

AMY -- Because Stephanie is not a Christian. Hurry! We don't
have much time!

LIZ -- I'm looking! I'm looking. But while I'm looking at least
tell me why you want to sabotage your own argument? What
difference does it make if Stephanie is not a Christian?! (pulls 
another book from the pile, pages)

AMY -- Because I don't want to win the battle and lose the war.

LIZ -- I don't understand.

AMY -- Well, after I gave her such a thrashing, it occurred to
me that I might get to Heaven and find out that Stephanie didn't
make it to Heaven on account of me.

LIZ -- Oh. I see! You won the battle....

BOTH -- ....but lost the war.

AMY -- That's right. The Bible says that we're suppose to tell
people about the hope we have, but we're supposed to do it with
gentleness and respect. I've never heard of anyone being bombed
into believing in Jesus.

LIZ -- So, you think that by finding a weakness in your case,
you can undo some of the damage?

AMY -- I want to show Stephanie that I'm just another person
whose seeking the truth and that I could be mistaken like anyone
else. I would have probably been a better witness if I had
merely cast doubt on her arguments, rather than carpet bombing
her entire case. That's not gentle or respectful.

LIZ -- How about if you just tell Stephanie what you told me?

AMY -- You mean tell her I'm sorry I wasn't more gentle and

LIZ -- Yeah, why not? Tell her everything you told me.

STEPHANIE -- (enters carrying a stack of books) Yes, especially
the part about getting to Heaven and finding that I didn't make

AMY -- Stephanie!

LIZ -- What are you doing here?!

STEPHANIE -- I came to find a hole in your arguments. But there
aren't any. I didn't know Christians had such a good case.

AMY -- Listen, I'm sorry about the way I...

STEPHANIE -- Don't apologize! You won me over!

LIZ -- Really?!

AMY -- Really?!

STEPHANIE -- Really. But it wasn't because of your arguments. If 
I hadn't overheard you talking about your weaknesses and your
interest in me as a person, I would have spent the rest of my
life trying to prove you wrong.

LIZ -- Amy was afraid she'd won the battle and lost the war.

AMY -- But you're okay with it now?

STEPHANIE -- (puts down books) Listen, the Library is about to
close. Can we go over to the coffee shop and talk about....
about being a Christian?

AMY -- I'd like that! I'd like that a lot!

(all exit together)

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